GAZAL 9000 Plus

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All-new in the strongest and the longest period of subscriptions. your matches, and all the leagues, your movies, series, and all encrypted and non-encrypted channels of the world. without a dish and without paying anything extra.

IPTV with:

All you are looking for in one receiver

Free IPTV subscriptions:

 Subscribe to my HD for 5 years

 Doctor subscription for 5 years

 Dragon subscription for 5 years

 A subscription to haha ​​for 5 years

 Star subscription for 5 years       

 $Sk subscription for 5 years       

 Ultra subscription for 3 years

✔ :white_check_mark:Golden subscription for 15 months

  Forever subscription for 15 months 

  Movies library for 10 years

 The Holy Quran for life

Card sharing subscriptions:

A 15-month any share subscription decrypts the red bundle without cutting


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