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GAZAL 5000 PLUS Receiver 

The longest subscription period for movie and series offices is 10 years.

A subscription of 5 years, including all open and paid encrypted channels ( bein, OSN, Netflix.... etc


All subscriptions are free

All subscriptions, including all paid encrypted and open channels

subscription dragon for 5 years

Subscription of STAR IPTV for 5 years

A subscription to Ecooh for 5 years

Subscription Royal for a year

Subscription of $ sk for a year

One-year dream subscription

A subscription to Forever for a year

Subscription for Golden for a year

Subscription Doctor for one year

One-year Belo subscription

One-year subscription

Subscription of Haha for a year

Subscribe to myhd for a year

Film library for 10 years

Holy Quran


Cards haring subscriptions:

A subscription to Dqcam for a year



through Wi-Fi

Through the internet flash

through ethernet cable


Device features:

2 Ram

16 Rom

Full HD 1080p picture

The device contains DLNA application to transfer the phone content to the display screen

HEVC technology

TxT feature to translate into Arabic

Biss decoding system

Support especially IPaudio Arabic attachment on all sports channels

H265 high definition feature

USB 2 Port

Control device

An internal receiving lens and an external lens

Free Wi-Fi tool is included with the device

3G / 4G Internet

HD Entrance

ethernet cable


Youtube app

A movie library with every server


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